In Other People's Shoes

Why Teach Coding?

Our world sufferers from greater consumerism today than ever before. Our children are accustomed to being entertained constantly. In doing so they are consuming instead of creating, .... we need to change that and here's why.

Coding is the creative process of developing a program, application or game. Coding reqires the use of logic, sequencing, science and design. The creator (your child) is involved in a series of complex analytical thought processes. What makes it complex is the need to think about the design, the user interface, the user experience and the final product. The 'user' in this case is another person who will be interacting with the program, app or game.

In order for the program or game to be easy to use, the creator has to "put themselves in someone else's shoes." I'm sure you have asked your child to see the other persons point of view. As the architect of the program, they need to constantly think of the other persons user experience. A coding curriculum addresses just that. In a writing class or an art class our students output is made available to the world, but writers and artists  are rarely required to make the viewers experience a number one priority. To place someone else's needs before yours, and think about what they may need or want; a simple, beautiful lesson that is uncovered while learning to code.

During coding sessions, the students will benefit from receiveing constructive criticism objectively, so that they can improve the 'user' experience. They will learn resilience and grit as they debug the programs. And, the outcome is that the students that can see more than one point of view or one way of doing things will inevitably lead to a better future.