• Beginners Coding GR 1-6

Beginners Coding & Robotics - Grades 1-6

Beginners Coding is a weekly course that meets once a week to cover 1 unit each meeting. This coding class covers 32 units. Each week students learn a new coding skill and earn a specific badge of the skill achieved. These course units introduce students to the concept of coding by using the block coding program: Scratch & Robots devices: Sphero/Dash/Dot. The easy to use and user friendly interface makes learning coding easy and engaging. This class is designed to teach computational thinking using a simple but powerful building-block approach to programming. The students will learn the basics like: loops, if and or statements etc. Our beginners coding program is designed to be a phenomenal way to introduce & teach students coding, and it promises to build a strong coding foundation for kids.

This class will prepare students for many aspects of computer programming in future courses including robotics, game design, and computer software development. No Prior experience

There is no sequential order to the classes. Students can join the class anytime!

8 consecutive Tuesdays. Select your start date on right.

Intro to Coding Basics

Sequencing and Loops

Adv. Sequencing and Events

Mastering Sequencing and Loops


Review and Design Challenge

Scratch Skills I

Scratch Skills II

Loops and Wait

Basic Sprite Controller (Events)

Changing Costumes and Effects

Pen Tools


Animating and Timing

Variables: Score

Intro to Debugging

Advanced Controller (If.. Then…)

Sensing Colors

Advanced Sensing

Robot Sphero


Variables: Timer



Controller with Color Sensing

Changing Backdrops

Maze Project Part 1

Maze Project Part 2

Clones (Lava Lamp)

Show/Hide Projectiles

Intro to Lists

Make a Game


The Beginner Level is comprised of four 8-week sessions. A student MUST successfully pass a completion test to graduate to the Intermediate Level.

Class Details
Duration 1 hour per class per week

Beginners Coding GR 1-6

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