• Intermediate Coding - GR 3-8

Intermediate Coding & Robotics - GR 3-8

The students will use a programming language called Scratch. Scratch is a visual programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. This easy to use and user friendly interface makes learning Scratch easy and engaging. This class is designed to teach computational thinking using a simple but powerful building-block approach to software. The students will learn the basics like: loops, if and or statements etc. 
 Each student works at their own pace.  Students work in groups as per age & coding experience. This class requires the child to have knowledge of & completed the Beginners level of coding.  Intermediate classes are purchased in pairs, because the projects are lenghty and require a design/debugging process.

  • Device Requirements: Computer or Chrome books are recommended.  iPads will work with the Scratch App, however the app has limited functionality.
  • Registration ends at 10 pm the day before each class
  • No refunds or make up for student absence or technical difficulties. No Exceptions.

 Students are encouraged and advised to complete 24 units of the Beginners Course before they register for the intermediate course; unless they have substantial prior knowledge of coding & robotics.

There is no sequential order to the classes. Students can join the class anytime!

8 consecutive Thursdays. Select your start date on right.

Advance Scratch


Action Sprites

Item Finder

Tank Battle

Review & Challenge

Platformer Engine

Maze Design/Programming

Maze Code/Debug


VEX Robots

VEX ROBOTS (drive train)

VEX ROBOTS (events)

VEX ROBOTS (simple)

VEX ROBOTS (picking up objects)

Side-Scroller I (creating game assets)

Side-Scroller II (program the gravity)

Side-Scroller III (adding difficulty)

Side-Scroller IIII (project debug)

Piper Computers

Piper Circuits

Traffic Light                        

Lights Controlled by buttons

Sequencing LEDs and Buzzer

Game Creation (Frog Frenzy)     

Piper Craft (Minecraft Coding I)

Piper Craft (Minecraft Coding II)

Piper Craft (Minecraft Coding III)


Intermediate Game Coding & Dev

Game programming & development

Create a Flash Light app

Create an app that takes pictures

Create a whack-a-mole game I

Create a whack-a-mole game II

Create a multi-screen app that saves data I

Design a multi-screen app that saves data  II

Debug a multi-screen app that saves data III

Class Details
Duration 1 hour per class per week

Intermediate Coding - GR 3-8

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