• 06/29 Minecraft: Tree House Code SOS - Daily GR 1-8

Minecraft Tree House Code SOS

Tree houses are whimsical and hold a sense of mystery.  They are very much like a regular house, but hold they have a magical quality.  High up in the sky, they are almost like heavenly bodies.  The campers are marooned on an island and they need to survive. Campers will need to be cleaver and use code, combat and their creativity to leave the island.  They will need to build their tree house that withstands the Creepers.  They will need to find food and tools to finally escape the island.  Campers will learn to code depending on their skill level.  The code written will be their answer to flee to safety!

No prior experience required

Class Details
Class Dates 06/29/2020, 06/30/2020, 07/01/2020, 07/02/2020
Duration Full Day: 8:30 a.m. - 03:30 p.m
Teacher Student Ratio 1:10 Teacher Student Ratio

06/29 Minecraft: Tree House Code SOS - Daily GR 1-8

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