• 07/13 Code Robots - Daily GR 1-8

Code Robots- Cool Tricks & Coding

This new camp will explore fun activities to learn how to code robots. They’ll start with coding fundamentals like commands, loops, and functions, then use blocks of code to create a program using the a variety of apps on the iPad. We will use the Sphero BOLT & Dash and Dot, cleverbots created by Wonder Workshop. They are real robots that can sing, dance, navigate courses, and respond to voice commands.

Campers will use the tablet and apps, to practice coding the robots to participate in a variety of different challenges and to create new behaviors for the robots.

Robots & Devices will be provided.

Class Details
Class Dates 07/13/2020, 07/14/2020, 07/15/2020, 07/16/2020, 07/17/2020
Duration Full Day: 8:30 a.m. - 03:30 p.m
Teacher Student Ratio 1:10 Teacher Student Ratio

07/13 Code Robots - Daily GR 1-8

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