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Join us for an amazing adventure as we explore the Winter Wonderland themed world in Minecraft.  We will be spreading holiday cheer, as we build and share the magic.  There are places to explore, and worlds to roam with gifts to find! Kids will enjoy a Minecraft game or Code a Musical Holiday Card and decorate a Gingerbread House with other holiday themed arts/crafts.
Registration is open for Dec 17-21
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Does your child love Minecraft? Are you worried about the language used on the chat, and wonder who he/she may be interacting with online?  
Classes start Aug 27, 2018 at the Tech Center in Woodland Hills.  Come in and Try a class for $15 Click Here
This one-week summer camp aims to inspire your child to look at Minecraft differently. You’ve crash on a mysterious island. With no rescuers in sight, you are going to have to make this island your home.
Two camp experiences in one day. 
Fortnite is a survival game that teaches the kids how to survive.  We will learn how to scavenge, find, and be resourceful.  We will complete different missions in teams.  The first half of the day will be spent understanding how to play and develop strategies. We will teach the basics of the game, and how to use and keep everything as we dive down into Fortnite. Players will have a chance to partake in teams or play individually in a Battle Royal setting unlimited until camp ends that day.
Two camp experiences in one day.  Campers will spend half of the day learning to create, design and print a 3D printable object.  Campers will learn the basics of SketchUp and all the basic tools required to understand how 3D printing works.  The 2nd half of the day will be a Minecraft Tournament experience. Campers will be challenged to create structures in Minecraft using team building instructions provided by the Camp counselors. We will have 2 private monitored servers running both in Survival and Creative for all types of players.