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Virtual Parties

Ordering the Best Birthday.....During Stay-At Home Order

Eat Cake, Run around at party! Make it Memorable.

Enjoy a Minecraft or Roblox party online: Meet and play with your friends. Our safe, secure servers provide an exclusive virtual space for just your event.  A zoom call is set up to enjoy a video call with friends.  Online we have a special surprise for the birthday child that makes the 2 hour event unforgettable!

Our Roblox/Minecraft parties are a big hit with the kids and parents.  Parents are always complimenting us for the super time the kids have during our online birthday experiences.  The party runs on our VIP Roblox/Minecraft server.  We have 2 Computerwisekids instructors overseeing the party experience. 

Guest log in to our zoom online party, and use another TAB on their browsers to log into the Roblox/Minecraft app.  Kids enjoy special Roblox/Minecraft realms/servers we have scheduled for the party time. We make it extra special with a Birthday song halfway through the party time.  You may choose to cut a cake at this time.

All the guests and the birthday child need to register to be on the allowed guest list for the server.   We request we have all the guests registered 24 hour before the party starts.  Here is an example of the invite you would send to the guests. The invite will have all the information for the zoom party, and devices & software to join in the fun.  Click Here to view the invite

Theme: Minecraft or Roblox.

Duration: 2 Hours.  Between the hours of 10am-6pm PST

Check In: 30 mins prior to the start of the party time

Price: $250.00 for 15 participants. Additional participants $15.00
Party Host: We provide 2 party host (run the party/tech help)

Call: 818.206.2628 for more information

Device Requirements:


  • Minecraft Account purchase is required if you do not own a copy already.
  • Download & Install Minecraft Software for Java version of Minecraft. 
  • Software Requirements. Read detail instructions of purchase & installation
  • Device Requirements: computer (PC or MAC).  iPads, Tablets, XBox Switch, Chromebooks DO NOT WORK


  • Devices used: computer, iPads, android tablets & chromebooks
  • A free Roblox account required https://www.roblox.com/)
  • PARENT’S GUIDE: https://corp.roblox.com/parents/ 
  • Please see videos and make sure you understand how to connect your device to a VIP Server https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOoxfQvNbL2cID1CBh3LhNqdVT_zYlIOq 

In House Parties

  • We offer Parties feature the themes below at our Location:

  1. Fortnite Parties (adults & Kids)
  2. Minecraft Parties (adults & Kids)
  3. 3D Printing & Design Parties (adults & Kids)
  4. Paint A Canvas Parties (adults & Kids)

Our parties require a minimum of 10 participants and start at $290.00 for 10 participants.  Each additional participant is charged $25.00. We do not charge for non-participants attending (very young siblings)

Call us at 818. 206.2628  to Book today!!

  • We can host a maximum of 20-30 kids
  1. 2 hour party time
  2. A private computer lab/ theatre for the activity.
  3. A private party room for you and your guests to socialize.
  4. Personalized Minecraft world, hottest newest games, best software
  5. Parents can enjoy free wifi while they wait.
  6. A party coach and party host that is completely dedicated to your party.
  7. All the decorations and place settings (balloons, tablecloths, plates, napkins, forks, cups, and more!)
  8. Set Up & Clean Up



When the social distancing ends, we will resume parties at our center located at:

22136 Clarendon St. Woodland Hills CA 91367



Map Click Here