Party FAQ

How many children can a party accommodate?
  1. Fortnite parties up to 20 kids
  2. Minecraft parties up to 20 kids
  3. 3D Print & Design up to 20 kids
  4. Paint A Canvas parties up to 30 kids


Are siblings included in the guest count?
Every guest who actively participates in the party is counted. Younger siblings who are present (but not participating in activities) will not be counted.

What should I do if there are more or less guests coming than the number of guests on my reservation?
Please email and call us one week before the party date if you plan to modify the number of guests attending. If more guests come than your reservation allows for then you will incur a balance that will be paid at the end of the party.

Are the parents able to attend the party?
Yes, parents can attend the party at no additional charge. At least one parent is required to be on the premises at all times for the supervision of all party guests.

How old does my child have to be to celebrate their birthday at Computerwisekids?
Children as young as 7 years old can enjoy our parties.

Can I arrive early to set up?
The party space is available at your party starting time. If you arrive earlier, we will do our best to get your room ready earlier, usually we can have the room ready 10 minutes before your start time.

Is there a place set aside for parents to socialize?
Yes, parents can stay in the party room. Free Wi-Fi available.

Do you host parties for adults?
Yes, please email us your request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can we bring our own food?
Yes, you can bring your own food. We provide counter space, but there is no refrigerator or kitchen area.

No deliveries will be accepted at our location. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Do you have a freezer for ice cream/ice cream cake or other perishable items?
We do not have a refrigerator/freezer available for party use at any of our locations. You may bring a cooler.

Do you offer goodie bags?
Yes, we offer goodie bags. Minimum order of 10 bags - Each goodie bag contains:

  • Minecraft (1 Minecraft figure, eraser, candy, glow stick
  • 3D print design (3D printed object, bracelet/necklace/keychain, candy to connect the3D Print, glow stick)
  • Drones & Robots (mini drone or robot figure, eraser, candy, glow stick)
  • Video games (mini ninja figure, eraser, candy, glow stick)

Change Policy:
Changes can be requested up to 10 days before the start date of the party, so long as there is an available time slot.
Any change in date or time will incur a $50 fee.

Cancellation Policy:

If your cancellation request is received at least 60 days before the Party Date - Full Refund less $50 cancellation fee.
If your cancellation request is received between 30-60 days before the Party Date - Refund less $150 cancellation fee.
If your cancellation request is received less than 10 days before the Party Date - No Refund. You may also be responsible for the cost of any other custom party add-ons that are part of your order that are in progress (for example; if cake has been ordered for your party, you may be responsible for the full payment of the cake).

If you requested a change in the party date and then decide to cancel; the date that will be used to determine the refund amount will be the date of the original party or the new party whichever comes first.

What goes on during a Minecraft Party?
We will provide the computers or laptops to use for the Minecraft Party. Kids will explore and play in a world we set up for them on our privately managed server. The Server Admin will monitor the game and kids. The world that your party plays in is only accessible by the party guests. We play on a privately managed server that kids get to play on and explore. In addition, we will also have a Server Admin in-game to monitor the game and kids. Meanwhile, the parents and any other guests not participating in playing Minecraft can socialize and use the wifi in the private guest room.

Do the kids play Minecraft/Video Games/3D Print/Drone & Robots game for the entire party?
No, we have about 1 hour set aside for food and cake.

What is latest date I can book a party?
It is recommended that every party should be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure availability.

What are the kinds of print objects can the kids make during the 3D print & design party?
Below are the choices. You make only choose one for as the party theme.

Mini furniture Chess or Game piece Mini Cars/train/planes/UFO
Figurine Pencil topper Mini A Wing fighter
Keychain charm Single pencil stand Imperial light cruiser
Charm for a bracelet Photo holder Millennium Falcon
Pendant Badge/ Brooch Minecraft creeper, pig, horse
Charm for a ring Magnet Bubble Wand