Food & Beverages

You may your carry your own food & soda/juice for the event.
Deliveries for catering/pizza are NOT accepted at our location.
Alcohol is NOT permitted on our premises. 

We offer the convenience of ordering pizza and goody bags for an additional charge.
See details below:

1 Extra Large 16" cheese or pepperoni pizza - $22.00
1 Extra Large 16" Specialty or veggie or meat lovers pizza - $25.00
Includes all charges- tax, delivery, tip etc.

Goody Bags (must be ordered 2 days in advance)
We offer goodie bags for $8.00 each. Minimum 10 bags.
Each goodie bag contains:

  • Minecraft (1 Minecraft figure, eraser, candy, glow stick)
  • 3D Print & Design (3D printed object, bracelet/necklace/keychain, candy to connect the 3D Print, glow stick)
  • Drones & Robots (1 mini drone or robot figure, eraser, candy, glow stick)
  • Video games (1 mini ninja figure, eraser, candy, glow stick) - Coming Soon